dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote,
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so i've mentioned that i'm working on a short film.

this weekend i spent some time learning how to do lifecasting, along with sculpting and molding latex appliances. i can now add "special effects makeup" to my MUA resume.

i must say, the work is really fun and rewarding, and i am reminded how much i enjoy working with my hands.

doing a partial cast of my roommates face.

the finished cast. there were some bubbles in the alginate i used, and resulted in some flaws in the cast, thankfully, these are easily removed, and the cast didn't have to be perfect for what i was going to be sculpting on it.

my first bullet hole. this is just a mockup/first prototype for a test shoot we're doing this weekend. i'm molding another one with a hole though it, so there will be more gore, i'll probably run a tube through the hole, attached to a blood-filled bulb so the hole will actually "bleed".

i've got some more head wounds and cuts and bullet holes to make, and the process is coming along nicely.

i have some other photo shoots and projects coming up, and i'm still writing, so there's that.

looks like i'm getting stuff done. it's amazing.
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