dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote,
dizzy sensation of being

oh hey, people still use this thing!

so last night i had a dream.

as people often do.

my mind has been preoccupied with planning lifecasting projects, so it comes as no surprise that i'd dream about lifecasting.

so i'm dreaming.

and in this dream, i'm doing a lifecast of brett michaels.

as people hardly ever (or should never) do.

and i have to put a bald cap on him.

as is the procedure with these things.

and he let's me take off his bandana.


under the bandana, there are wigs.


two wigs. he's wearing two wigs.

i touch the edge of one, it's sandy blonde, and shorter than the bleach blonde one that is underneath.

i stare at it. it's poor quality, and i can see all the stitching at the edge of the net.

he sighs knowingly, "please, just don't tell anyone."

and i promise him that his secret is safe with me.

this is my brain.
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