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adventures in mediocrity [entries|friends|calendar]
dizzy sensation of being

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confessional [10 Oct 2012|09:29pm]
say something.

share a thought.

share a message.

spill your guts.

tell me something beautiful.

tell me something ugly.

tell me something you've always wanted to say to me.

expose a burning secret.

cut me with an awful truth if you want.

criticize me if you want.

tell me anything.

i mean anything.

i'm looking for raw honesty and exposure.

get it off your chest.

i'm looking for the meat and potatoes here people.

you can post anonymously if you like.

no comment is too short, or too long.

i encourage everyone to participate.

all comments will be screened.
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[29 May 2011|09:37pm]
i picnicked in a cemetery today.

it was my friend's birthday, and he wanted a picnic, which i happily agreed to attend.

i baked blueberry muffins, and sat on a blanket surrounded by dead people and goths.

we had a soda tasting, which was bizarre, but really enjoyable (dry cucumber soda is surprisingly good, black cherry remains overly sweet, and crappy, unsurprisingly).

i pantomimed drowning in a sea of dicks, then apologized to the dead people.

a baffling jeep full of shirtless bros sped through the cemetery, to do what, none of us know. i'd like to think it was to swim in a sea of each others dicks. later we spotted a stray wandering, cell phone in hand. he was wearing flip flops.

we talked in awful british accents.

my friend played guitar.

i came home and shooed the drunks off of my porch (again), then went inside to contemplate my life.

i drank fernet, and i felt good about my afternoon, and the amazingly good muffins i made.

tonight, i'll eat the greens i cooked last night, and drink some more fernet, because i'm an adult, and i can sip liquer iffin' i wants to.

i'll make some ricotta from scratch in the morning, and cook eggs and pancetta with them. i will not woe my messy apartment, instead, i will clean it. i'll shoo the drunks again, and fantasize about swinging a broom at them.

that's a better way to go.
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oh hey, people still use this thing! [08 Mar 2011|11:54pm]
so last night i had a dream.

as people often do.

my mind has been preoccupied with planning lifecasting projects, so it comes as no surprise that i'd dream about lifecasting.

so i'm dreaming.

and in this dream, i'm doing a lifecast of brett michaels.

as people hardly ever (or should never) do.

and i have to put a bald cap on him.

as is the procedure with these things.

and he let's me take off his bandana.


under the bandana, there are wigs.


two wigs. he's wearing two wigs.

i touch the edge of one, it's sandy blonde, and shorter than the bleach blonde one that is underneath.

i stare at it. it's poor quality, and i can see all the stitching at the edge of the net.

he sighs knowingly, "please, just don't tell anyone."

and i promise him that his secret is safe with me.

this is my brain.
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amazing (beware, thar be boobies) [30 Jul 2010|09:46pm]

joie de vivre gareth pugh aw 10/11

found via dirtyflaws

oh gareth, you never cease to amaze.

if anyone knows the name of the model/dancer with the wicked sick jerky/serpentine dance moves, let me know...

and get her number for me, because i am in love.
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[29 Jul 2010|08:14pm]
trapped on a Bart train that is holding ts position because there is "something on the tracks" approaching west oakland.

i hope to god it's the cloverfield monster.
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today and yesterday, and somthing else [28 Jul 2010|09:25pm]
started my day laughing hysterically in the shower after chatting with a friend who zinged me with a guffaw-inducing comment.

that is a good start to a day.

after that, i arrived at work, and dragged through my day, thinking too hard about What Needs To Be Done, and listening to the Savage Lovecast, which i adore. (did i mention i met dan savage? no? well, i met dan savage a little over a week ago. he just happened to be in town, and hanging out at mr. s, doing research for a book he's writing. i found the meeting to be meaningful for me.)

at the end of the day, i put together a pair of latex booty shorts (my first latex project ever), then came home to squeeze them on my butt. some alterations need to be made, and some, er, support garments purchased. like it or not, i realize i have a fixation with the corseted figure. the only natural thing to do is to acquire more corsets. lots. more. corsets.

last night i actually had a mature, and constructive conversation with my mother. i actually managed to "talk her down from the tree", and work with her in a calm, yet firm manner to put together a budget and action plan for a problem that had been keeping her awake at night with worry.

after that i treated myself to sushi, and some chicken katsu, then came home walking on air.

there is something truly magical about helping people. truly.
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from the ether [17 Jul 2010|03:35pm]

livejournal really does seem to be dying. i certainly have dropped the ball in maintaining this journal, and i am certainly not the only one.

i keep many other journal-y/social-y profiles with various types of content, and since i've been inspired by a post by revglenn, i decided i'd share a few of my other social networking entities that at the moment are mostly in stasis, but will soon be maintained:

geezmeeks.tumblr.com - started fairly recently, it's mostly images and random musings

avantharde.wordpress.com - my attempt at a "fashion blog"

twitter - highly neglected and rarely used

missmeeks.net - currently out of date makeup portfolio, due for a major overhaul into a personal website. kinda want a better name for the site, but, oh well.

of course i'm also on the facebook, and the myspace, and probably some other sites that i'm forgetting about at the moment.

i'm still looking for something that is just the right fit, and the right kind of style for the things i want to write about and share. i'd like to mash my LJ, wordpress blog, tumblr, and twitter into one big end all be all entity. i've got articles and images backlogged on my hard drive covering everything from sex, to fashion, to existentialism and self-improvement. odds are good that i'll wind up condensing everything into my website. we'll see how long that takes me.

so, beyond LJ, where can you be found on the internets?
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friday night [02 Jul 2010|11:23pm]
what am i doing with my friday night?

i'm in my room, with my cat, writing tiny nuggets of thought all over the internet with a bottle of maker's mark by my side.

wishing i had an old-fashioned typewriter like the behemoth my grandmother had in the garage that i picked up once, and nearly smashed my mcgregor-clad foot with.

listening to the cunty little hipster chick upstairs play rick springfield, right said fred, and robert palmer, then RATT (yes, in that order)because she's just that cool. earlier it was law and order at a high enough volume that the intermittent DUN DUN noise made my evening feel a lot more fraught with danger and intense prime-time crime drama than usual. i should thank her, actually.
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hair/makeup assistants needed [02 Jul 2010|08:26pm]
hello people!!

i am the lead hair/makeup stylist for the upcoming "Looking Glass" show being put on by cera and DCDT, and need 2 or 3 peeps who can assist with hair and makeup for the production on July 9th and 10th, with rehearsals/trial runs on July 7th and 8th.

basic duties will be pinning hair, applying eyelashes, hairpieces, basic makeup, etc.

it is going to be a beautiful show, and a great time had by all.

you know you lovelies wanna throw down.

let's do this!

comment or contact me at missmeeks77 at gmail.
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[04 Jun 2010|12:00am]
ugh. looks like going back to therapy and meds is in order.

shame i don't believe therapy and meds would fix me.
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more gore [26 May 2010|09:13pm]

more gore today
Originally uploaded by dalidrama
this weekend i busted up my friend rich's nose for the film i'm working on.

there is talk of submitting this movie to sundance. i had no idea this was such a big deal.

next time i work on a project, it better have more beautiful women and glitter in it. i'm just sayin'.

in the interim, i'm writing a sci-fi screenplay, a psychological thriller, and a mumblecore-style short with monsters in it that will feature... more gore. great.

i'm good at gore, but damn, i want me some pretty. how "girly" of me. yech.
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[26 May 2010|08:58pm]
i've discovered that deleting your journal and your facebook is like canceling your newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

of course my newspaper and magazines tend to feature a menagerie of thing your friends are experiencing without you, but for the most part... huzzah, easily accessible entertainment, information, feelings of inadequacy, and instant gratification in the form of pictures and text, like any good magazine or newspaper should be!
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gunshot [04 May 2010|12:27pm]

Originally uploaded by dalidrama
you may be sick of me shoving pictures of my makeup work down your throats, but i'm proud of it, and can't help but show it off.
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how i spent my saturday [01 May 2010|05:08pm]
2.5 hours away atop a mountain range working on makeup for a short film.

it was a rough day, kinda stressful, but rewarding because i have more work under my belt.

being entirely self-taught, i've come pretty far. i can't wait till i reach a point where i can have my own makeup trailer for these things.

sadly, i am missing a wedding that i'm sure is wonderful. bummer.

ALSO! big news!

i just got hired for a new job, and am now free of working customer service! better still, i'll be working with latex. hooray!
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[30 Apr 2010|01:13pm]
the silent treatment.

this is my most frequented, and devastating weapon in my arsenal of terror(lame).

i wield it like chun li wields her lightning kick. it cannot be penetrated lest you get above it, or attack from behind.

of course, the lightning kick is predictable, common even. it is thrown the way a teenage boy throws "rock" in every game of rochambeau.

trusty rock. nothing beats rock.

i've found myself recently inundated with efforts to leap above, or attack from behind to thwart my expertly thrown extra-spicy variety of nottalkingtoyou.

and just like chun li's devastating lightning kick, you can only tap the button that rapidly for so long before you just get tired.

perhaps it's time for a new strategy.

or, perhaps, it's time to stop fighting.
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[23 Apr 2010|04:55pm]
my wise old grandmother, rest her soul, once told me:

"if you think you are a failure, then you are a failure."

straight to the point she was, that firey texan.

she sure was right.
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awesome is at full capacity. come back tomorrow. [19 Apr 2010|10:06pm]

thanks to owyn for sharing this joy of joys with me.

says he, "ronnie james dio makes everything lighting+volcano-related better."
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belated april fools [19 Apr 2010|11:17am]

belated april fools
Originally uploaded by dalidrama
not parting with them yet....
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where'd my hair go? [18 Apr 2010|05:21pm]

where'd my hair go?
Originally uploaded by dalidrama
freshly clipped.

sans makeup.
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things and stuff [04 Apr 2010|09:23pm]

so i've mentioned that i'm working on a short film.

this weekend i spent some time learning how to do lifecasting, along with sculpting and molding latex appliances. i can now add "special effects makeup" to my MUA resume.

i must say, the work is really fun and rewarding, and i am reminded how much i enjoy working with my hands.

doing a partial cast of my roommates face.

the finished cast. there were some bubbles in the alginate i used, and resulted in some flaws in the cast, thankfully, these are easily removed, and the cast didn't have to be perfect for what i was going to be sculpting on it.

my first bullet hole. this is just a mockup/first prototype for a test shoot we're doing this weekend. i'm molding another one with a hole though it, so there will be more gore, i'll probably run a tube through the hole, attached to a blood-filled bulb so the hole will actually "bleed".

i've got some more head wounds and cuts and bullet holes to make, and the process is coming along nicely.

i have some other photo shoots and projects coming up, and i'm still writing, so there's that.

looks like i'm getting stuff done. it's amazing.
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