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livejournal really does seem to be dying. i certainly have dropped the ball in maintaining this journal, and i am certainly not the only one.

i keep many other journal-y/social-y profiles with various types of content, and since i've been inspired by a post by revglenn, i decided i'd share a few of my other social networking entities that at the moment are mostly in stasis, but will soon be maintained:

geezmeeks.tumblr.com - started fairly recently, it's mostly images and random musings

avantharde.wordpress.com - my attempt at a "fashion blog"

twitter - highly neglected and rarely used

missmeeks.net - currently out of date makeup portfolio, due for a major overhaul into a personal website. kinda want a better name for the site, but, oh well.

of course i'm also on the facebook, and the myspace, and probably some other sites that i'm forgetting about at the moment.

i'm still looking for something that is just the right fit, and the right kind of style for the things i want to write about and share. i'd like to mash my LJ, wordpress blog, tumblr, and twitter into one big end all be all entity. i've got articles and images backlogged on my hard drive covering everything from sex, to fashion, to existentialism and self-improvement. odds are good that i'll wind up condensing everything into my website. we'll see how long that takes me.

so, beyond LJ, where can you be found on the internets?
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Deleted comment

i'm guilty of the same offense. i've gotten really lax about writing content mainly for two reasons:

a.) too lazy/distracted/bored

b.) too many places to post

i miss the days where we just had livejournal. now i just can't keep up, and i'd rather just find one place and stick to it.

gotta admit, i'm still not crazy about FB, and it's set up, but that's where the most activity is happening.
i have a tumblr too -- i was hoping it might bridge the gap better between LJ and the short-attention-span social network services :P. mine is http://styleovercontent.tumblr.com/. just added you.