dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote,
dizzy sensation of being

today and yesterday, and somthing else

started my day laughing hysterically in the shower after chatting with a friend who zinged me with a guffaw-inducing comment.

that is a good start to a day.

after that, i arrived at work, and dragged through my day, thinking too hard about What Needs To Be Done, and listening to the Savage Lovecast, which i adore. (did i mention i met dan savage? no? well, i met dan savage a little over a week ago. he just happened to be in town, and hanging out at mr. s, doing research for a book he's writing. i found the meeting to be meaningful for me.)

at the end of the day, i put together a pair of latex booty shorts (my first latex project ever), then came home to squeeze them on my butt. some alterations need to be made, and some, er, support garments purchased. like it or not, i realize i have a fixation with the corseted figure. the only natural thing to do is to acquire more corsets. lots. more. corsets.

last night i actually had a mature, and constructive conversation with my mother. i actually managed to "talk her down from the tree", and work with her in a calm, yet firm manner to put together a budget and action plan for a problem that had been keeping her awake at night with worry.

after that i treated myself to sushi, and some chicken katsu, then came home walking on air.

there is something truly magical about helping people. truly.
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