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adventures in mediocrity

a beginners guide

dizzy sensation of being
19 August 1977
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my bio? it's a real page turner, lemme tell ya.

uh-huh. yeah...

current status:

"yeah yeah, 'ooh, ahh', that's how it always starts, then there's running, and screaming."

the unloveable miss meeks

a fearsome joy

i'm a filthy smoker, i only smoke cloves, so that makes me a filthy, pretentious smoker. i drink rum, and gin, and newcastle, and sneaky girly drinks that have whiskey in them. i'm across the board with my taste in music. deep down, i'm a hopeless romantic. i'm about as easy to hang onto as a handful of sand. i write stories that i'll never let anyone read. my dreams would scare you. i'm fascinated by bones and x-rays. i love black and white film. i like morbid things, but i'm a sucker for a happy ending. i'm awkward around strangers, and people that i find attractive. i cook, and i cook well. i have trust issues, the odds are good that i won't/don't trust you. i'm something of a food snob, but i'll eat some trash if the mood strikes me. i'm an internet junkie. i don't do drugs. i make really good bread pudding, my spaghetti is to die for, my buffalo wings taste like they were made by jesus. i've worn many hats, i've been a journalist, a DJ, a comedian, an actress, and a model, but i am a professional at nothing. i become easily smitten by those that intrigue me. i hate bananas because i don't like the way they feel in my mouth, i don't care what kind of conclusion you draw from that. it's hard for me to shake crushes. i can be passionate when someone gets me to open up, a feat you will not accomplish... since i don't trust you. i detest conservatives. i can tolerate and sometimes enjoy pain, but i hate needles. i wear green eyeshadow. my hair is always a mess, and i like it that way. i'm teaching myself to play the bass. i have a violin i that i make terrible, terrible noises with. i want to be in a snooty indie hipster band, and wear ties and my chucks onstage. i scare and/or run people off, that is, if i don't turn on my heel and split first. i dislike wearing short skirts. i'm a gogo dancer. i bite. hard. i'm a living dead girl. i have no patience for stupidity, even if i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. i don't always say what i mean. i get dressed up in bloody clothes and stomp around on a box for fun. there's more to me than you realize. i'm a glutton for abuse and pampering. i'll randomly stop eating meat and be a vegeatrian for a few months at least once a year. i'm the girl that'll drink too much, then hug/kiss everyone in the room. i think there is nothing more ridiculous than a grown man wearing overalls, or naked from the waist down wearing a t-shirt. i love mummies. i want to trade in my heart for a computer chip. i go to a little party in the desert, maybe you've heard of it. i'm fascinated by religion and physics, and want to study them seriously. i'm a film student. the condition of my room is always indicative of the condition of my mind. one day i'm going to just fuck off and join a hippie artist commune and never be seen again.

i'm doing things differently.

not only am i barrels of fun here in LJ land, but i can be found out there in the real world.
abstract thought, acting, androgyny, animation, anime, annoying you, art nudes, art photography, asexuality, avant garde, being geeky, berkeley, big hair, biting, bjork, black and white, black clothes, blue movies, burlesque, cafés, california, cartoons, cats, chatting, chocolate, chocolate cake, classic rock, clove cigarettes, coffee, comedy, conversation, cooking, cowboy bebop, crafts, dancer in the dark, dancing, david blaine, david bowie, david fincher, david lynch, dead can dance, death guild, death scenes, dreads, duran duran, eccentricity, electroclash, electronica, erotica, ethiopian food, extensions, fake hair, fashion, fetish photography, fine art, fischerspooner, fringe cinema, gary oldman, good 'ol rock music, gore, goth, goth clubs, hair pulling, heated debates, hentai, independent film, industrial music, insides, italian food, japanese goth fashion, japanese street fashion, jeff buckley, john cusak, john santerineross, jonathan carroll, kissing, ladytron, late night hours, long drives, madonna, malt-o-meal, marilyn manson, mark romanek, massages, men, military drab, mind-blowing sex, monogamy, movie theatres, movies, mummies, music, music videos, my computer, nag champa incense, narcissism, new wave, nine inch nails, non conformity, paintings, pasta, photography, platform boots, pop culture, post apocalypse, prince, privacy, quoting monty python, quoting movies, radiohead, rain, red wine, release, retardotron, roller-blading, san francisco, scapulas, screaming, sex in cinema, shakespeare, siouxsie, skeletal systems, sleeping, spicy tuna rolls, spikey hair, spirituality, stone temple pilots, sushi, tandoori chicken, the beach, the blues, the internet, the moon, the ocean, the rain, the simpsons, the stars, the sun, theatre, trent reznor, tricky, trip hop, vampires, vertebrae, vintage erotica, writing